Spazio C: Coworking Space in Historical Center of Matera

Spazio C: spazio di coworking nel centro storico di Matera

A breed of work spaces is stepping up to meet the demand in Matera. Combining the benefits of design, technologies, functionality, friendly service and attention to detail, Spazio C is both a coworking space and conference room that offers something for everyone.
Created for people who want a dedicated workspace and also appreciate design, functionality, friendly service and attention to detail, Spazio C is a great place for self-employed set to overtake the public sector for the first time, and even those in regular employment working more flexibly than ever.

Design, Technologies and Functionality

This coworking space is sure to appeal to anyone looking for an office upgrade. The interiors are about as far away from the classic corporate office as you can get.
As well as the usual meeting rooms and desk spaces, Spazio C offers desk space as well as a place to meet up and collaborate. Collaboration is, indeed, a big part of productivity, and networking is such an important element of this space. Furthermore, Spazio C is also a boardroom for those all-important conference calls and professional meetings, and offers a few extra touches, too: it includes access to all of the tools and technologies you need to bring your ideas to life.

Spazio C: Coworking Space and Conference Room in Matera

The hard truth is, a successful meeting isn’t as simple as putting time on a calendar. The best collaboration spaces are so much more than a few chairs around a table encased between four walls. Conference rooms need to be both diverse and able to inspire employees to do their best work.
Spazio C, our professional space, increases productivity and encourages collaboration.

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