Central Matera: Historic Buildings and Local Habits

Il centro storico di Matera | Palazzo della Fontana

Do you love visiting new cities?
One of the best ways to discover the spirit of a new city is to visit its central zone.
Palazzo della Fontana allows you to stay in central Matera establishing a special relationship with the city.

This is a lively and dynamic pedestrian zone, full of quiet and interesting streets for walking, shopping and visiting historic buildings and churches.

Historical Center of Matera

Palazzo della Fontana is a renovated modern building surrounded by a complex that promotes culture and arts, such as The School of High Education in Restoration.
Matera city center is the commercial, cultural, financial and historical center of Matera.

With lots of shops you’ll find wear, gifts and goodies for everyone and every budget in Matera city center. Stores range from stylish boutiques, designer shops and artisans stores. Walk and shop ‘til you drop, but make sure you recharge your batteries at one of the many cafés, coffee shops or the great restaurants.
And what’s more, with cinemas and events there’s every reason to make your visit to Matera city center a long one.

Matera is waiting for you!
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